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Songs from February
A folk song with syllables that aren't words ... it works at any speed. Fun to walk and sing.

This folk round in Hebrew has words Hava Nashira, Shir Aleluia . Here we sing in English.

A Hebrew folk song, Hiney Mah Tov Uh Mah Nayim ... translated into English by Elisabeth Swim

Songs from January
This song is in a minor key and features coded syllables for each note. Do is the home note and Sol is the second most important note. When you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the first two notes you sing are Do and Sol.
This is an old English round. The lyrics have been altered slightly for the Secret Choir. In this version, we walked around the room while singing. Try it at home!
This is another minor-key round. It was composed by Christoph Praetorius who lived until 1609. The text is a translation of a text by Fritz Joede.
Songs from December
Songs from November
Songs from October
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